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Fellheimer Trust Thursday, Nov 30 @ 9:30 AM
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Holiday Fesitval of Choirs Saturday, Dec 2 @ 2:00 PM
Holiday Festival of Choirs Saturday, Dec 2 @ 7:30 PM

The Shoe Box Ministry - Operation Christmas Child

The Shoe Box Ministry - Operation Christmas Child

Please help us with this ministryShoeBoxPlane

From Sept. 29 to Oct. 27th, the 4rd – 6th Grade Sunday School Class will be accepting donations for our Shoe Box Ministry. This ministry is a part of the Samaritan Purse’s Operation Christmas Child. Last year the program provided a Christmas present to children in poverty in 150 countries around the world. Most of these children would otherwise not be receiving any Christmas gifts at all. Your gifts are placed in the shoe boxes with the following ages and genders in mind: boys and girls ages 2-4 years old, ages 5-9 years old, or ages 10-14 years old.


In order to provide gifts for needy children, we are looking for items from the list below to fill our boxes. Please help us* with this ministry.

Donate Items:

TOYS: balls, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, small cars, puzzles, stuffed animals, small Etch-a-Sketches, small Frisbee, toys that light up or make noise (with extra batteries), Slinkys, LEGOs, wallets, etc.
SCHOOL SUPPLIES: pencils, sharpeners, crayons or markers, stamps and ink pad sets, writing pads or paper, scissors, solar calculators, erasers, glue sticks (no liquid glue), rulers, stickers, etc.
HYGIENE ITEMS: toothbrush, mild bar soap, washcloth, etc.
OTHER: T-shirts, socks, ball caps, sunglasses, hair clips, toy jewelry, watches, flashlights (with extra batteries), coloring & picture books, sunglasses, etc.
DO NOT INCLUDE: used or damaged items; war-related items such as toy guns, knives or military figures; chocolate or food; toothpaste; liquids or lotions; medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snow globes or glass containers; aerosol cans

Financial Donations:

This helps with shipping costs (we have to pay $9 per shoe box) and to buy needed items to fill the boxes.

Boxes and Paper:

If you have empty shoe boxes, please bring them to the church. We also need Christmas wrapping paper to wrap the boxes for the children.


*We have a display table in the Atrium where you can leave your donated items. Financial donations should be put in the offering plate or given to the church office.


Began in 2005

This Sunday School class has been filling shoe boxes since 2005. In the first 12 years of the program they have made 880 shoe boxes.



Thank you for your support!



 More information about Operation Christmas Child can be found here.










Address: 1212 W. Calhoun Street, Macomb, IL 61455-1299     Email: [email protected]      Phone: (309) 833-2153