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UMM @ Cathy's Friday, Jan 28 @ 7:00 AM
Contemporary Worship Sunday, Jan 30 @ 8:30 AM
2nd Service Traditional Sunday, Jan 30 @ 11:00 AM
Church Service WTND-FM 106.3 Sunday, Jan 30 @ 4:00 PM

Announcement Scheduling Form

Announcement Scheduling Form Information

Please fill out the following form and give it to the Church Office to schedule your announcement: Announcement Scheduling Form

Note: The online form is currently not being used. (as of 2/2017)

Below you will find Notes and FAQ's about this form.


Notes and FAQ's About the Form

    • Who should fill out this form? Members or groups from Wesley Church or groups affiliated with Wesley.  Outside groups wanting to use the building should contact the church office and fill out a Building Use Form.
    • Where can my announcement appear? - Many places. See the table
    • How much lead time is needed for my announcement to appear on time? - see the table
Location of Announcement Lead Time Needed to Publish
Website (church) Calendar 2 days
Website Announcement  2 days
Update website page 2 days
Sunday Worship Bulletin By Wed. @ 12 noon
Announcement slides on Screens By Wed. @ 12 noon
Monthly Newsletter 3rd Thurs. of the month
    • How do I reserve a room (location)?  It is best to call the church office before filling out the form and reserve the room you'd like to use.  The sooner the room is reserved, the better chance of having it  be available.
    • Do I have to reserve the room before filling out the form? No. You may fill out the form and the secretary will check room availability.  An alternative room will be assigned, if your first choice is unavailable.
    • Do I use this form for the room setup? No. If you have special needs (for example you need the tables or chairs set up in a certain way, or you need a microphone) call, or visit, the church office to make room setup arrangements.
    • How does the form work? By following the link above you are taken to a Google Form. After you hit Submit (at the bottom of the form), the information is available to the secretary.
    • Are there space requirements? Yes. While we have a large amount of room on the website for detailed information, in the Sunday Bulletin and in the Monthly Newsletter there are often space restrictions.
    • Will my announcement always appear as per my requests? We will try to meet your requests, however, due to space limitations, there may be times when your announcement may not fit in our print publications (Sunday Bulletin and Monthly Newsletter, in particular).
    • What about the (physical) Bulletin Boards? Each group is responsible for their own bulletin board.  Please consider putting your information on a bulletin board if one is assigned to your group. (Filling out the form does not put anything on a physical bulletin board.)
    • Should I review my information, once published? YES, please do. Because computer errors and things can slip through the cracks, do review your information to verify that it was published correctly.  Inform the church secretary if the information needs to be edited.
    • Is there a paper form available? Yes. If you would rather fill out a paper form, these are available in the church office.

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